In Freiburg, Germany, women come together at FrauenStärken, with gatherings taking place weekly at a number of locations across the city. The group’s goal is to start conversations, brainstorm ideas and create local networks — a central focus being on personal and professional development. The nationalities of the participants range widely, including Turkish, Indonesian, Guatemalan, Ukrainian, Croatian, Moroccan, Romanian, Afghan, French and German, among others. Funding comes from a variety of sources, the city of Freiburg itself being a sponsor. At one regular gathering point, a project formed to establish a sewing cooperative. These postcards were created with the aim of promoting the organization’s work and demonstrating the pride and engagement of the group’s members. I photographed the project participants and designed the postcards. I also established a website for the group as a whole, one that allows the different meeting points to more effectively share their local projects and promote their activities to a wider audience. See